Everything Remains

Everything Remains


Everything Remains


210 SEK
130 SEK
Up to 19 years:
60 SEK
130 SEK
Stage pass:
150 SEK

Previous times and dates

– Black Box, NorrlandsOperan Introduktion 30 min innan start. Samtal efter föreställningen: Kroppen som material.

Everything Remains is a choreography for a tired body. A minimalistic and poetic encounter with an autobiography of physical transformations of sex and gender, pain and limitations.

Juli Apponen is used as a readymade with her archive of memories and experiences. All material derives directly from concrete experiences such as surgeries, chronic pain and the physical body as editable material. Everything Remains is further more a reflection on weakness and an investigation of the potential in tiredness and limitations. What do we do when these conditions dominate? Is a tired body a more interesting body? A naked body is exhibited on a white floor in the dimensions of a sheet of paper on an empty black stage. With slowness the body declares its space and tempo. Quietly insisting the audience is invited into the history of a body, a person and a human experience.

A talk will be held with the choreographer and other guests, after the performance.