NorrlandsOperan Dance

Today, NorrlandsOperan is one of Sweden's strongest and most successful platforms for contemporary dance. NorrlandsOperan does not have its own dance ensemble, but instead focuses on collaborating with both national and international dancers. It invites its audiences to experience both the experimental and innovative, as well as more established and traditional forms of dance.

By creating its own productions and through collaboration and guest performances, NorrlandsOperan is able to present around 25 different dance performances each year. It also regularly offers choreographers and dancers not associated with other organisations the opportunity to produce pieces in residence. This allows them access to office space, stages and other resources during either all or part of their rehearsal and performance periods. Each year an individual choreographer or a company is also given the opportunity to create a piece set to live music performed by NorrlandsOperan´s Symphony Orchestra.

NorrlandsOperan is a member of Dancenet Sweden (Dansnät Sverige) – a touring network consisting of twelve regional partners with Dansens Hus in Stockholm as its hub. The network makes it possible for both Swedish and international productions to tour extensively and also organises different events aimed at expanding the public's and dancers' knowledge of dance as an art form.

NorrlandsOperan has played host to two national dance events, Dance Biennials in 2001 and 2008, in recognition of our expertise and established place within the field of dance. In 2010, NorrlandsOperan partnered Stockholm-based modern dance producer and venue MDT (Moderna Dansteatern) in arranging the Kedja event in Umeå – a Nordic-Baltic dance conference that hosted 200 international guests. 

NorrlandsOperan also arranges a large-scale international guest performance each year together with theatre association Umeå Teaterförening. Thus far, audiences have had the pleasure of enjoying works by Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Michael Keegan Dolan and others.

NorrlandsOperan also includes Dans i Västerbotten, a dance consultancy unit that works on behalf of Västerbotten County Council with the aim of raising the status of dance in the county.