Vita Kuben – room for contemporary art

NorrlandsOperan's Public Exhibition Space for Contemporary Art

In 2002 NorrlandsOperan opened Vita Kuben, a well-equipped room for audio, video and performance art. Its purpose is to facilitate new encounters and to provide a venue for artistic expression of a temporary and though-provoking nature.

Hanging directly above the restaurant, in the heart of NorrlandsOperan's public area, Vita Kuben makes contemporary art accessible to a broader public. But that's not the only place... NorrlandsOperan often makes use of new and innovative venues, not least of all during our annual MADE festival.

To ensure a wide variety of different exhibitions and to strengthen artists' professional standing, Vita Kuben's exhibition programme is planned by artists themselves. Guest curators are appointed every six months, assuming responsibility for Vita Kuben's artistic content in close cooperation with NorrlandsOperan. This means that Vita Kuben's programme never stagnates. At the same time, artists' works can also be exhibited in new and surprising ways.

Over the years, Vita Kuben has hosted artists with significant national and international reputations, as well as captivating works by artists from the local area. On a number of occasions, these artists' exhibitions and performances have generated major headlines and discussion. They have contributed to lively debate about art's development, power and possibilities.

Vita Kuben is jointly operated and administered by NorrlandsOperan and the Umeå Municipal Cultural Administration.