Starting point Ammarnäs -

Concert 25.1–1.2

Reindeer "Raid" with Nicolai Dunger and friends

In Ammarnäs, in the northwestern corner of Västerbotten, we will inaugurate the Capital of Culture year a week in advance, on the 25 January 2014. For one week, we will follow a reindeer herd along the old Sami wandering path to the winter pastures in the Umeå region. The artist Nicolai Dunger will follow the raindeers on skis, together with a few Sami musicians.

Along the way, the artists will do a few larger stops for concerts and other activities, as well as shorter stops for hosting a song session or music cafés for the people they meet.

The tour will end in Umeå during the opening weekend of the Capital of Culture year, with a concert in Studion, Folkets Hus on Saturday 1 February.