Concert 2.2–23.2

Ulrika Bodén is one of today’s bigger folk singers in Sweden. In 1998 she became part of the folk music group Ranarim, which toured extensively through Europe, United States, Japan and South America.

For several years Ulrika has been looking up an unknown repertoire of old songs from her origin in Ångermanland.  On her album Kôrksangern (2012), Ulrika sings hymns with lyrics translated into Junselemål by the poet and writer Nicke Sjödin from Röån outside Junsele.

River Stories
The inspiration for River Stories comes from the rivers and their importance for the development of our cultural activities. During 2014 River Stories will create a coherent regional cultural program and a series of projects, shows and events going on tour all over Västerbotten. NorrlandsOperan manages the project with the goal of increasing the regional engagement as well as the activities and collaboration with local actors.