This is not a love story

Dance 1.3


– If you start a relation with inanimate objects like a stone and then go on to trees, flowers and animals you can finally try on humans.

Vera and Kowalski are two reluctant heroes. In a discrete search for context and continuity in what they experience, they end up on a trip not about destination but about the reflections they do along the way.

This is not a love story was originally performed at the MADE festival 2012.

Don't miss the opportunity to talk to Gunilla Heilborn and dancers Johan Thelander and Kristiina Viiala in the bar after the show.

Staging Gunilla Heilborn
Choreography and text Gunilla Heilborn i collaboration with Johan Thelander and Kristiina Viiala
Dancers Johan Thelander and Kristiina Viiala
Stage och costume design Katarina Wiklund
Lighting Miriam Helleday
Music Kim Hiorthøy
Sound design Johan Adling
Techincal coordination Lumination
Production, financing Magnus Nordberg/Nordberg Movement
Tour manager Emmy Astbury
Managing Director Åsa Edgren/Loco World Production
Management LOCOWORLD

Co-production: Gunilla HeilbornNorrlandsOperanGothenburg Dance- and theatre festival.
Funded by: EU culture program NXT STP and Dansens HusGunilla Heilborn is supported by KulturrådetStockholms Kulturförvaltning and Konstnärsnämnden.

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