Fictional copies

Dance 28.3–29.3


Within a shared space audience and performers encounters the political within the photo and the copy.

A space filled with flashlights that documents all people entering and the event itself. It ́s a critical space where the folding of images bends our trust in what we think is an original. A multitude of image transformations flows from the opening minutes into the rest of the performance and asks - what is there to trust?

Fictional copies was created during 2013 by Björn Säfsten, set- and lightdesign collective SUTODA and five performers. It aims to discuss how the photo today has become a violent force in relationship to the production of identity, the wish of presence and the encounter with one self and the other. The audience gets to share a space with the performers and are asked to take responsibility within situations that the event creates. It all starts from the copy of their bodies, moving it ́s way through a number of suggestions and questions. Often by being ironic the event tries to play with representation and image building and through that create a critical thinking of what we read within the signs displayed.

Fictional copies creates an opening for interaction, a strong presence with the performers and an event that both cares for the group while critizicing the longing for a more stable collective.

When does motion become a sign, symbol or representation, and how this can be criticized? Björn Säfsten explores movement as a constructing element of meaning in our daily communication. Through small and large scale works, both self self-initiated or commissioned, he creates choreographic art in close collaboration with his current artistic team. His latest work, Display and Introduction and the commissioned work ... AND... for Skånes Dansteater, has been hailed by the press and public. Fictional copies is a development and continuation of the themes he worked within recent years. His new work, Idiots, opens October 2014 at MDT in Stockholm.

Concept: Björn Säfsten and SUTODA

Choreopoetry: Björn Säfsten with performers

Performers: Allison Ahl, Anja Arnquist, Kenneth Bruun Carlson, Oskar Landström, Sebastian Lingserius

Installation: SUTODA 

Photographer: Nicklas Dennermalm

Production: Nordberg Movement and Säfsten Produktion

Co-production: Säfsten Produktion, National Choreographic Centre of Caen/Basse-Normandie - Direction Héla Fattoumi/Eric Lamoureux within the framework of the “Accueil-Studio” and festival Les Boréales, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, NorrlandsOperan

Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm, the Stockholm County Council and the Research Council

Premiere: 29 November 2013 at festival Les Boréales, National Choreographic Centre of Caen/ Basse- Normandie, France.