Dance 4.9–5.9

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Passion, pathos, strength! Brilliant dancer Marco Flores revitalizes flamenco like nobody else. Its tradition, music and handclapping become even greater in his shoes.

In the borderland between tradition and innovation, Marco Flores has discovered a flamenco that is both familiar and creative at the same time. In Tránsito, Flores uses his background as a dancer as a springboard to explore flamenco's heart and soul. Young señor Flores has already toured the world as a dancer and has taken his "baile" to London, Paris, Sydney and Shanghai. Tránsito travels through time and space and is, in itself, a kind of bewildering continuation of Flores' creative journey.

”My life runs by dance, my flamenco is a part of me!” The self-taught Flores certainly knows how to tear up a stage. With confidence, technical brilliance and great emotion, Flores takes the stage to the delight of the crowd, accompanied by guitarist Jesús Nuñez, vocalist Miguel Lavi and rhythmic hand clapper Mercédes Cortes.

Director, producer, choreographer: Marco Flores
Musicians: Miguel Lavi (song), Jesús Nuñez (guitar), Mercédes Cortes (hand clap)
Original score: José Luís Montón, Juan Ramón Caro, Jesús Nuñez
Sound space: Gema Hassen Bey, Héctor Gonzalez
Light design: Suh-Güein Romero
Costume design: Olga Pericet
Production: Laluz Producciones

Presented by Dansnät Sverige
With the support of Kulturrådet.
In cooperation with Umeå Teaterförening

You can dance!
Flamenco- & Salsaclub in the bar Friday 6th sept.
Details coming up soon!