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The world loves Väsen and we understand why! This is folk music at its very best.

If you ask fans and critics, they will tell you that Väsen might just about be the best band in the world. Hands down. And if you like acoustic, instrumental music and are drawn to a pleasurable mixture of traditional, Nordic tones melded with Celtic sounds, then there's a good chance that you might agree with them.

Väsen writes its own innovative folk music. The band's wholly unique sound is the product of elements like a specially tuned, twelve-string guitar and several different types of violas and violins. Regardless of whether Väsen is the world's best band or not, it is without doubt one of the very best bands in Swedish folk music. So far Väsen has recorded ten albums, the most recent of which, Mindset, was released in the spring of this year. The band has also won a Grammy Award, played with other Swedish bands and artists and performed annual tours in the US and Japan.

Attention Sweden, Europe and the world – Väsen is now coming to NorrlandsOperan!

"The music is at turns entrancing, enchanting, uplifting, lilting, lovely and just plain fun."
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"... a hypnotic pastiche that is bathed in the traditions of Väsens´s homeland... ancient and creative at the same time".
Sing Out! Magazine

"... the band´s anciently original compositions can be immensely brooding, stately, fitfully spry or dramatically expansive"
Richard Harrington, The Washington Post

Nyckelharpa: Olov Johansson
Viola: Mikael Marin
Guitar: Roger Tallroth

Traditional dance after the concert music by fiddlers from Umeå.

In cooperation with Umeå Folkmusikförening and Studieförbundet Bilda