Kids 7.9–12.9

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Sing-along, dance-along and enjoy some fun with words!

In this interactive, “fun-with-words” musical performance, children are introduced to the energetic character Opsis Kalopsis, who invites them to enjoy a sing-along, dance free-for-all and humorous encounters with Lennart Hellsing's crafty characters.

Well-known songs like Dinkelidunkelidoja, Herr Gurka, Krakel Spektakel and Hej, sa Petronella are combined with original music and lyrics by Lennart Hellsing. A Hellsing-esque caper full of words and letters, rhymes and ditties, songs and dance.

See, hear, enjoy. And – sing along!

On stage: Tobias Edvardson
Music: Tobias Edvarson, and others
Lyrics Lennart Hellsing