Bicycling backwards

Kids 13.10–19.10

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Bicycling backwards

Let´s celebrate creativity!

“My friend's place is a mess; full of knick-knacks, toys and electronic gadgets. And some junk besides. We have fun there. But not everything is what it seems. It might even be possible to cycle facing backwards, if we try...”

Two dancers and one musician let themselves be inspired by the décor inside a room. Together they tease out tricky beats and cool moves that develop from playful situations in which everyday objects take on a new status as instruments.

What happens when you think up your own games? How does it feel when it's easy? How does it feel when it's difficult? Bicycling Backwards is about seeing opportunities, reusing objects and thinking about life. A dance and musical performance that aims to inspire the desire to create and the joy that accompanies creation; to invent, design and compose.

With and by:
Choreographer: Ingrid Olterman together with the ensamble
Music: Kalle Källman
Dancers: Lova Eriksson, Oskar Frisk
Set design: Camilla Ed
Light: Lars Liljegren