Kids 10.11

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A performance about amazing changes.

Everything is changing – all the time. The bathing hole of the summer months turns into an ice-skating rink in the winter, a flower wilts, a sore heals and a caterpillar becomes a brightly colourful butterfly.

Papiljong is a performance about amazing changes that take place both within a person and in their surroundings. An experience that engages the youngest among us through dance, sound, costumes and colourful sets. A duet based on notions of change and development – about taking flight and landing – about daring to do all that we want to do...

Idea & choreography: Nomo Daco
Dancers: Anna Ehnberg & Lina Lundin
Costumes: Nomo Daco
Composer: Johannes Burström
Set design: Katrin Pettersson
Dramaturgy: Mia Westin