Färd i ensamhet/Solitary Journey

Concert 7.2

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Färd i ensamhet/Solitary Journey

Timeless music by Anders Eliasson and music in the borderland between pop and classical by Missy Mazzoli. Two composers who find their own way in the modern music landscape.

Anders Eliasson is a Swedish composer with a style all his own. The Symphony Orchestra is performing his violin concerto Einsame Fahrt, Solitary Journey, together with the Swedish soloist Ulf Wallin.

Anders Eliasson is an odd man out among Swedish musicians; a composer who marches to his own beat without regard for popular trends. At the same time, he enjoys a prominent position as one of the Nordic region's foremost composers. But Eliasson is quick to distance himself from the title of "composer", as he feels that it is the music that comes to him of its own volition.

"In music, we are all of us alone." Eliasson's music includes both bitingly-cold pain and tender warmth. He wrote his violin concerto, Solitary Journey, together with violinist Ulf Wallin. Wallin describes the piece as unique and timeless: "It's unlike anything I've ever heard or played before".

We will begin with something completely different, however. When American composer Missy Mazzoli (b. 1980) stumbled upon a cassette tape of Beethoven's music as a nine-year-old, she fell madly in love. Today, Mazzoli's music is played at both rock clubs and in large concert halls. Mazzoli has a completely unique kind of expression that resides in the musical no-man's-land between the pop and classical. NorrlandsOperan's Symphony Orchestra will perform her piece These Worlds in Us.

Jean Sibelius' (1865–1957) delightful Third Symphony is also part of this season's programme. It is a unpretentious symphony that may appear simple at first glance, but, in fact, the more closely you examine its details, the more refined it seems. German conductor Roland Kluttig, who has become a well-known face at NorrlandsOperan, will conduct the piece.

Missy Mazzoli: These Worlds In Us
Anders Eliasson: Einsame Fahrt – violinkonsert (2010)
Sibelius: Symfoni nr 3

Dirigent: Roland Kluttig
Solist: Ulf Wallin (violin)