Daniel and Emma

Concert 15.3

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Daniel and Emma

Daniel and Emma fill the room with violins and saxophones with both newly-written music and traditional tunes.

Daniel and Emma are two unique folk musicians. Daniel's instruments are unusual for the genre and Emma has her roots in both English and Swedish folk music traditions. Together, the pair has discovered a distinctive sound based on lyrical melodies and tight parts. Their arrangement is characterised by both the clean unisons of the violin and soprano saxophone and the musty tones of the baritone saxophone and viola. An almost harp-like sound is created when Emma plays several string instruments simultaneously.

The inspiration for Emma and Daniel's music and stories is taken from the duo's varying home regions and from along their different life paths; from elongated Sweden to the Scottish highlands, from Norway's Finnskogen district's summer pastures to the traffic jams of a big city.

The evening will continue directly after the concert in the B Hall with traditional dance set to music by musicians from Umeå's folk music scene.

Soprano and baritone saxophones:Daniel Reid
Violin and viola:Emma Reid