Spelmannen & trollet Äling Bäling

Kids 17.3

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Spelmannen & trollet Äling Bäling

A playful musical tale for children aged three years and up.

Come and listen to the story of Spelmannen, who learned to play music from the one and only Strömtussen himself, a little creature who lives by flowing waters. One day, Spelmannen meets the angry, grumpy troll Äling Bäling. Through his music, Spelmannen tries to improve the troll's mood, but the only thing the troll wants to do is...to eat the violin!

Folk musician Olle af Klintberg (son of Clownen Manne) and Kjell-Erik Eriksson (from the folk music group Hoven Droven och Triakel) are behind the story, which has its roots in old folk tales.

Written and performed by: Olle af Klintberg & Kjell-Erik Eriksson

For children aged three years and up.