Norrdans with Naharin & Noone

Dance 25.4

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Norrdans with Naharin & Noone

The Norrdans company takes the stage, treating audiences to an appealing mix of modern dance, folk music and physical expression.

Two choreographers with impressive resumes present separate acts in a performance by dance institution Norrdans that treats its audiences to physically demanding and emotionally engaging dance.

The first of these acts is Two Duos & Two Trios, choreographed by Ohad Naharin, who is considered one of modern dance's most important choreographers. Naharin is the artistic director for Batsheva Dance Company and has created several acclaimed choreographies that have moved both dancers and audiences all over the world. Among his other achievements, Naharin has developed his own "movement language" called Gaga, which is based on awareness of your own body and experiencing pleasure through movement.

Two Duos & Two Trios presents following choreographys:
Trio Mabul (1 man 2 women)
Duet Mabul (1 man 1 woman)
Park (3 men/3 women)
Bo/ero (2 women)

Beautiful Beast by Thomas Noone is an interplay between modern dance and Nordic folk music in an exciting combination. Englishman Noone worked for a number of European dance companies before moving to Barcelona, where he started his own – Thomas Noone Dance. As is always the case with Noone's choreography, it is characterised by an exciting physical language that explodes the boundaries of aesthetics, dares to be abstract and creates new expressions. World music group Gjallarhorn plays live on stage.

Costume: Rakefet Levi/Anton Hörnfeldt
Light design: Avi Yona Bueno/Peter Lundin
Rehearsals: Yoshifumi Inao (Naharin)
Music: Gjallarhorn (Noone)
Dancers: Stacey Aung, Fanny Barroquére, Toby Fitzgibbons, Anna Jirmanova, David Nondorf, Javier Perez, Kristian Refslund, Leila Verlinden
Production: Norrdans/Scenkonstbolaget