A butterfly flutters in the Amazon, with broad implications across the globe. Chaos, friendship, clashes and beautiful music arise when musical instruments are built right in front of an astounded audience: a load of Ping-Pong balls are transformed into ringing tones and the likes of Chuck Berry and Gösta Fåglum Pettersson whistle by in a crazy, thoroughly musical ecosystem that combines elements to create a chain of events as utterly incredible as it is fun!

An encounter with Varieté Velociped still means an opportunity to enjoy: Sweden's most innovative beat-boxer, Svante Drake, multi-talented musician Erik Petersen with his entire arsenal of harmonious junk and Bengt Johansson's incomparable moves.Fjärilseffekten (The Butterfly Effect) was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010 and was awarded the Angel Award over 2,500 other performances.

By: Varieté Velociped
On stage: Erik Petersen, Svante Drake, Bengt Johansson