Love Across Borders

Concert 24.5

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Love of music, song and people is the theme of the spring concert being organized by The Polish Association Piast in Umeå and the Polish Embassy in Stockholm.

The Eraficon Piano Duo from Poland, Marcin Dominik Głuch and Marek Matuszczak, with their deep passion for music will perform a fantastic mixture of musical styles and rhytms - from jazz and modern music to Chopin played by four hands!

The Duo will perform music composed by famous Swedish and Polish composers:
Nils Lindberg - who found his inspiration in Dalarnas folk music.
Stefan Kisielewski - Polish composer whose music is known for its intelligent humor and self- irony.
Maurice Karkoff - whose works are filled with color and expression.
Lars Sjösten - jazz musician and composer with A love of beautiful melodies and harmonies.
Werner Wolf Glaser - German-Swedish composer with intense tonal language.
Zbigniew Preisner - well-known Polish composer, creator of music for films by Krzysztof Kieslowskis (The Decalogue, Three Colors: Blue).

The well-established Umeå choir, ChorAll with its 40 members will fill the second part of concert with songs by Swedish and Polish writers. ChoirAll's enthusiasm and love of music is certain to enchant us all. Since 1999 the choir has been directed by singer and cello player, Ania Winek-Albertsson. Ania will perform a solo accompanied by Aleksandra Foltynowicz och Christine Fredin - piano.

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