New Year's Day Concert 2015

Concert 23.1


Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna

Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna gives a concert with a repertoire taken from the world famous televised New Year's concert. The concert will comprise 35 musicians from Vienna.

It is both unprecedented and unique to have a guest appearance in Scandinavia of the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra, highly sought-after across the globe. A total of 15 of Scandinavia's leading concert halls will receive a visit during this tour, and NorrlandsOperan has the pleasure of being one of these.

The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna is a highly professional orchestra which collaborates with distinguished vocal soloists. This tour is being carried out by Vienna's most skilled musicians and vocal soloists, and the repertoire originates from the world-renowned TV concert which has been broadcast on New Year's Day for the past 58 years.  

The public will enjoy memorable classics from the TV broadcasts, and of course each concert will be concluded with the Radetzky March, whereby the audience get to participate in perfect time, following the conductor's lead.

The orchestra tours annually in Japan, Australia, the USA, South America and Russia, and concert hall managers and critics alike can only ever conclude that “no-one plays Viennese music like Viennese musicians”. 

During the tourist season, the orchestra holds daily concerts in the Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery, where the coveted tickets are instantly snapped up by tourists from around the world.

The concert is presented by Julius Production AB and Image