Peter och Vargen

Concert 22.10

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Peter och Vargen

Peter och Vargen (Peter and the Wolf) is a concert for the whole family. UK director Suzie Templeton has created a delightful movie set to Sergei Prokofiev's fantasy-filled musical tale from 1936.

The film won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film 2008 and has since been shown around the world. Now it's our turn to see it here at NorrlandsOperan, with accompaniment by the symphony orchestra. Every character in the story is represented by an instrument. The birds find their voice in the flute, the cat speaks through the clarinet, the wolf through the three French horns, strict old Grandpa is the bassoon and Peter through the string section.

It is a fantastic meeting between classical music and film and, at the same time, a good introduction to the orchestra and its instruments.

Conductor: Taavi Kull
NorrlandsOperans Symphony Orchestra
Film direction: Suzie Templeton

Musical prelude by NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra
Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf with projection of Suzie Templetons animated short film with the same name