Kids 26.2

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Childrens´ concert

Transmongoliatakes us on a musical journey to Mongolia with playful galloping and heavenly singing.

Here come the horsemen, riding in with the wind from the sweeping steppes of the central Asian country of Mongolia. On their clattering hooves, they take us with them up into the Altai Mountains, down towards the rivers and to the edge of the unending Gobi Desert.

In Transmongolia, Hosoo Dangaa Khosbayar and accompanying musicians take us along on a unique musical journey. Through songs and stories, we join them in their nomadic lifestyle with migrating flocks of sheep, horses and camels.


Höömii is the name of indescribably beautiful overtone singing from Mongolia that can at times also be humorous. It harmonises well with the traditional instrumentsMorin Huur (horse-head fiddle), IhHuur (horse-head double-bass), Tovschuur (a kind of banjo) and Tsohilbor (a Mongolian drum) in this performance.


Transmongolia: Hosoo Danga Khosbayar, Amartuvshin Nyamdorj, Dashdemberel Ulziibat, Mungunshagai Gaasuren

Storyteller voice and overtone singing: Gösta Petersén