Disability Access and Assistance at NorrlandsOperan

Hearing Loops
Hearing loops are installed inside the Theatre in row 7 of the main seating area, but not in the wheelchair section, and in the Concert Hall on much of row 14, all of row 15 and on the left-hand side of the wheelchair section. Hearing loops are installed throughout Black Box, although their function is limited during theatre performances, for example. For more information, please contact NorrlandsOperan's ticket office.

Visual Interpretation of Opera Performances

For more information, please contact SRF Västerbotten:
 (website available in Swedish only) +46 (0)90-18 96 33

Wheelchairs Areas

Wheelchair seating is available in the Theatre in rows 6-7 on the main floor, and in the Concert Hall in row 16 on the main floor. In Black Box and the B Hall, allocation of wheelchair seating varies depending on the auditorium's layout. Wheelchair seating can be booked via the ticket office.

Accessible Toilet
Located in the foyer.

Lift Services the upper foyer.