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– Black Box

The word kanyar in the creole language of La Réunion is communly used to point out delinquent person or outsiders. But this term also designs, in a broader sense, someone who is beyond the margins of the society – by birth, by condition, by choice. Thus, we find kanyars in all social classes. They might be our fellow citizens; now, we see more and more how stranded refugees are considered, for the sake of populism, as a non-legal, thus criminal element, as kanyars.

In his research, Didier Boutiana questions psychological and social conditioning of the individual, and the consequence of its rejection. The phenomenon of the resulting exclusion is ‘two-sided’: the group excludes an individual, or the individual excludes itself from the majority. In order to get a grasp of these complexities, Boutiana’s approach is based on psychology and the body. In terms of gesture and movement, he calls upon his own stories – with their  uniqueness, richness and complexity –  as well as experiences of people he met along the way. He deepens the complexity of this theme in order to find its own universe, sound, gestures.

Developed on Réunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, this work will have a special challenge through a post-opening residency in Umeå, with the aim to get a broader grasp of the subject through meeting different people with different cultural and societal contexts.

Didier Boutiana is director of company Soul City since 2011. In 2009 and again 2010, Didier is awarded with the title of Réunion’s best bboy. Since 2008, he has joined Réunion’s main hiphop and contemporary dance companies as a performer. In 2011, he becomes Soul City’s choreographer and develops the performance Body of knowledge in partnership with the South African Dusi Dance Company. In the year 2015, Didier Boutiana was invited to participate at the choreographic research program for the Indian Ocean, ECUMe, an initiative of TEAT Champ Fleuri, in partnership with CND Pantin, coordinated by Yuval Pick. In this frame, at CND, Didier Boutiana: choreographer and performer he participated at a training- and research residency with the dancers Bertwin D’Souza (India) and Anjara Rasamiarison (Madagaskar), and at the program “Camping” (with Bertwin D’Souza/India and Nadjani Bulin/La Réunion). The same year, Didier created the trio work Priyèr’ Sï Priyèr’. His choreographic identity is based on the deconstruction of esthetics, his capacity to take risks and to go beyond his limits, while maintaining an aim to unify. Didier Boutiana’s dance is situated in a space of friendship, encounters, exchange and alterity. His choreographic research gives life to an instinctive and intuitive movement which, once mastered by dancers, can once again focus on unity, on a “Re-union”.