La Traviata

Verdi´s Masterpice

“Verdi’s La Traviata is the very definition of a masterpiece” says director Linus Fellbom. It is a powerful story of a young independent woman accompanied by the world’s most beautiful music.


Title: La Traviata



495 SEK
450 SEK
Student & youth 19-26 years:
250 SEK
Children/ youth 3-18 years :
60 SEK
Stage pass holder:
450 SEK

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In our set this is a breathtaking opera visually, strong, touching and even funny in places! And, not least, a complete musical delight from beginning to end. Linus Fellbom stands for the direction, set and lighting design and Silvia Aymonino for costume design. In the leading roles we see Magdalena Risberg as Violet, Per Lindström as Alfredo and Gabriel Suovanen as Giorgio.