Rum för performance

In the Dark – Laura Cemin (IT/SE)

In the Dark is a movement-based performance which challenges our daily perception of time and space. The location and its architectural connotations move from being a background to a tool for new discoveries, a prosthesis perfectly fitting in its host. The tempo of the fluid, slow and often almost imperceptible motion makes the attendant face his need of speed and virtuosity imposed and embedded in the contemporary society. When boredom is felt, you can either escape or let it embrace you.

The performance is conceived as a casual encounter between the audience and the mover in non-places: spaces in between and without specific significance, where time is not spent and of which spatial elements are ignored.

In the dark, the limits of your body are no more definable. In the dark, you become space.
In the dark, all the senses are attuned and the reference points move inwards.
In the dark, there is nothing to view. In the dark, everything reveals with time.

Laura Cemin (f. 1992 Italy), is a young Italian artist working on the border areas of documentation, photography and performance. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Photography and a degree in Ballet and Contemporary Dance in Italy, she moved to Umeå where she is currently attending the master’s programme at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University. In her current work, she experiments with movements and performative gestures in a precise and almost scientific manner, posing questions about embodiment of perception, kinaesthetic empathy and physical thinking.


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Title: Rum för performance


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