Rum för performance

Interdine – Gaia Crocella (IT)


Interdine is a meeting across borders, a civic classroom that takes place around a dinner table. Responding to the current refugee crises, Interdine discloses the issue of lack of integration, mass deportation and displacement on the dining table. Using food as a tool to enable encounters, it creates an intimate dialogue between actors. By using a menu that combines peculiar food coming from different parts of the world, each course is followed by a short presentation which leads to a political and emotional discussion.

Interdine was originally born in my home kitchen, and has grown in scale to occupy diverse public spaces in the city of Umeå. Opening up to the public domain, the mission of Interdine is to involve other inhabitants to become hosts of future Interdines in order to bring participation and raise awareness with the hope to come closer to a possible solution.

Welcome to Interdine on Sunday 9 September, 15:00
The discursive dinner is an open event inviting everyone who wishes to participate and come closer to the issue of refugee seeking and integration on a global and local level. We will celebrate human transactions in space through food, and will take all guests through Interdine’s multiple scales of action. The ultimate goal of the discursive dinner is to spread the practice of hosting and find future hosts for Interdine in Umeå.

The dinner will take place at Bildmuseet’s open terrace and invites volunteers to become part of the food making team. Starting at 15:00 on the election day, the event will be the ending celebration of the performative week.

Gaia Crocella (f.1993 Italy) is an architect with postgraduate degree in Immediate Architectural Intervention and Activism from Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå University. Her thesis focused on the analysis of the moral role of architecture in a world characterised by mass displacement and migration and the subsequent need for integration. With the aim to address issues of social integration she has developed the participatory project involving local residents, organisation’s, refugees, and newcomers.


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Title: Rum för performance


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