Rum för performance

Slow Pixel – Cyril Leclerc & Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes (FR)


Slow Pixel is a performance ballet for 176 living snails and two humans that evolve in an interractive plastic and sound installation. Every one of the 176 snails equipped with a technical dispositive becomes an autonomous luminous entity. The speakers are cardboard foldable and transformable volumes that are beeing eaten by the snails. Their presence sediments the time past, present and future. The video projection offers a trip in-between infinitely big and infinitely small.

During all the action, the two humans become the guardians of the environment, protecting, moving and fogging the snails. The snail induces a different sense of temporality than ours, and invite us to slow down. As a vanity, it proposes a relation to passing time in our world that gives speed such value.

Free entrance


Title: Rum för performance


Free entrance

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