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250 SEK
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160 SEK
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60 SEK
MADE-ticket Pensioner:
200 SEK

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– Black Box NOTE: Part of MADE

What are you expecting to see when you go to the theatre? And what if the show is called Striptease? Pere Faura’s solo humourously and ironically plays with the conventions of dance performances and the art of undressing. Striptease talks about our expectations, about how desire works in both forms and about the seductive relationship between performer and spectator. In this Striptease, your gaze takes the lead role.

Striptease is a striptease to the theater and to its gaze. A striptease, a performance and a conference, which humoristically and ironically compares the theatrical event with the art of undressing. 

Pere Faura is a performance artist from Catalonia with a background in ballet and contemporary dance. In his works he often incorporates pop-culture phenomena such as strip tease, disco or musicals mixed with traditional theatrical conventions. The result is challenging and thought-provoking.

The show is a part of this years MADE