Sweat baby sweat

Sweat baby sweat


Title: Sweat baby sweat



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Sweat Baby Sweat is about all-consuming love, and shows two people who can’t – or won’t – let one another go. A searing, minimal production in which images, text, movement and music complement one another perfectly.

Sweat Baby Sweat is a new step into the investigation on the symbiosis of storytelling and abstraction, which started in Jan Marten’s former production a small guide on how to treat your lifetime companion. Working together with a video designer and a composer, Sweat Baby Sweat becomes a work in which composed music and projected text take an important role next to the moving composition.

Departure point in Sweat Baby Sweat is the most cliché theme ever: a relationship between a man and a woman. By adding love song lyrics and at times even mellow music one would expect a very theatrical approach, but the contrary is true. The result is a one- hour performance in which a lifetime is passing. A modern mating ritual: naïve, sensual, tender but painful, at the same time comforting and confronting.