Vertical Influences

Vertical Influences

Through ice-skating virtuosity, ‘Influences’ explores the human inter-relations between individuals and the groups they are part of.  Leadership, bullying, individualism, rivalry…  A group going through obvious tensions is seen evolving toward a new harmony.

In ‘Vertical’, a superb group of five liberated individuals challenges the audience.  Through an almost vertiginous rhythmic and choreographic essay, a new audience-performance relation is explored: the spectators are sitting on the ice, very close to an exciting show moving lots of air.  Literally.

Le Patin Libre is the world’s first and only ice skating-company for contemporary figure skating. They have developed a brand new artistic branch that emanates from both contemporary dance and figure skating.The show has toured worldwide and been shown more than 130 times in all possible and impossible locations. The company can transform any ice rink or hockey rink into a beautiful contemporary pop up scene. Vertical Influences premiered in London in 2014 and the Swedish tour starts here in Umeå.


Vertical Influences


210 SEK
Student/young adult 19–26 years:
130 SEK
Children/youth 3–18 years:
60 SEK
130 SEK
Stage pass:
170 SEK

Previous times and dates

– Ishallen A3 Arena


”Skating dancers are a breath of fresh ice” The Guardian, oktober 2014

“Watching Le Patin Libre is like dreaming about flying – it is a liberating, exhilarating, breathtaking experience.” The Stage, januari 2016