Saturday Night Show

Saturday Night Show – what to say? Last year – total success. A full house filled with warmth, joy, and togetherness. The stage (and also dance floor) felt like a huge hug, we could all participate and everyone was filled with an urge to sing and dance!

And a part of this was Broder John. Thank you!


Saturday Night Show


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– Black box

So – we are happy to announce that he will be back to Saturday Night Show and this time together with Beri! Two of Swedens best hip hop artists. You will also see the fierce street dance trio Femme Fatale from LA, USA and much much more!

Also – look out for workshops and do not miss Urban North Battle – Free entrance all weekend!

Get ready for Saturday Night Show 2019


Beri Gerwise was only 18 years old as she entered – and won! – Nästa Nivå This rapper from Väsby, Stockholm, has since then made her name in Swedish music business, joined and toured with the collective Femtastic, participated in Swedish TV-series Lyckliga gatan , released her debut-EP, singles and in 2017 the full-length album Rum. And – she also had a gig at Urban North in 2016! More articles about Beri at kingsizemag.




Broder John

Broder John debuted 2016 with the album Cool. The album was PRAISED and Broder John immediately became one of Sweden’s most interesting hip hop artists. So you better look out for his new album, which will be released this fall.

Broder John began his musical career in the duo Broder John & Friman, together with well-known artist Fricky, with whom he also founded the label Hoopdiggas which releases all of Broder John’s music. Broder John is also a member of the hip hop collective Random Bastards from Umeå. On October 12,  Hoopdiggas and Random Bastards will host the Mästerbotten event in Umeå. Don’t miss it! More articles about Broder John at kingsizemag.

PSST! If you participate in the battle on Sunday 15 you will see – and hear, Brother John and participants from last year’s Mästerbotten rap camp performing together.


Femme Fatale

These three female international dancers: Marie Poppins, Lily Frias and Dassy Lee are based in Los Angeles, but are originally from different countries: France, Mexico and Korea. The group is mostly known for their strong abilities in Popping, Animation, Robot and a high level of musicality with a feminine touch. Their mix of cultural background and unique individual styles is what makes an original and powerful female collective. They use their femininity as a strength, their technique as a weapon, and their passion as a power.

As a group, Femme Fatale performed for Bebe Rexha, Cirque du Soleil, Red Bull, Marc Jacobs and they have worked individually with artists and brands such as Madonna, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, Gap and Timberland. They have been starred in major dance TV shows: So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew. And now, they are coming to Umeås biggest dance battle and Saturday Night Show!

Aly Bobo Saturday Night ShowAly Bobo

Aly is a member of Exiled Dance Crew in Luleå and All in One Crew in Gothenburg, breaking being his main style. At Urban North we present his first piece as choreographer!

Dream to live is a solo performance with and by Aly Bobo inspired by his own experiences. The performance talks about running from war, risking everything in order to find a safer place, a free country. What is it like for children, and grownups, to leave their homes and families, leaving everything they know behind? We live to dream but there are those who #dreamtolive!


Sarah Kerubino Saturday Night Show

Sarah Kerubino

Sarah Kerubino is 20 years old, was born in Dorotea, Västerbotten and grew up in Umeå/Ålidhem. She participated in Idol 2018 and won the Golden Ticket. All four judges said yes! Sarah writes her own music, but also sings covers. ”Music is a natural feeling within. My voice is my soul and my lyrics is my history.” Sarah Kerubino is also one of the finalists in Unity Talang. And now, we welcome her to Urban North and Saturday Night Show!

Unity Talang is a platform for young people playing and singing hiphop, reggae, R&B and soul. It was initiated by Sara Stenman and Armita Ghazinezam after winning Urban North Scholarship 2017.


William LF Saturday Night Show

William LF

William LF is an up and coming R&B artist from Skellefteå. As the winner of last years Urban North Scholarship he got the opportunity to put together his own concert Look up it’s good for you at Norrlandsoperan. An event for young musicians where they, including himself, could showcase their own music.

Urban North wishes to celebrate all young DIY-people like William – that’s why we’re excited to have him back presenting his own song Braces at Saturday Night Show!



Urban North is a drug-free arrangement where everyone is welcome.