Saturday Night Show

Saturday Night Show – what to say? Last year – total success. A full house filled with warmth, joy, and togetherness. The stage (and also dance floor) felt like a huge hug, we could all participate and everyone was filled with an urge to sing and dance!

And a part of this was Broder John. Thank you!


Saturday Night Show


150 kr
Barn/ ung 3-18 år:
60 kr
Student/ung 19-26 år:
150 kr
150 kr
150 kr

Tid och datum

– Black box

So – we are happy to announce that he will be back and this time together with BERI! Two of Swedens best hip hop artists.

You will also see the fierce street dance trio Femme Fatale from LA, USA and much much more!

A detailed program will be released in August.

Until then – follow us on Instagram!

Beri Gerwise Foto: Matilda Hammar
Broder John Foto: Axel Nyroos


Femme Fatale

These three female international dancers: Marie Poppins, Lily Frias and Dassy Lee are based in Los Angeles, but are originally from different countries: France, Mexico and Korea. The group is mostly known for their strong abilities in Popping, Animation, Robot and a high level of musicality with a feminine touch. Their mix of cultural background and unique individual styles is what makes an original and powerful female collective. They use their femininity as a strength, their technique as a weapon, and their passion as a power.

As a group, Femme Fatale performed for Bebe Rexha, Cirque du Soleil, Red Bull, Marc Jacobs and they have worked individually with artists and brands such as Madonna, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, Gap and Timberland. They have been starred in major dance TV shows: So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew.

And now, they are coming to Umeås biggest dance battle and Saturday Night Show!

Urban North is a drug-free arrangement where everyone is welcome.