Up North Digital LIVE Battle

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Up North Battle goes digital LIVE!

That’s right guys, we will keep the Zoom fest going and see each other online. Up North Battle 2021 is a digital edition for both dancers and audience which makes it possible to participate from the safety of your home. We will stream the finals Sunday 9th of May live via COEO – free of charge.

Wanna watch the finals via COEO? Click and register!


Up North Digital LIVE Battle

Tidigare tillfällen

Preselection via Zoom
– Digital LIVE Finals

Is it as fun as a live event? – Of course not.

Will we suffer from technical difficulties? – Probably?

Will we be able to deliver great music, excitement and amazing prices? – Absolutely!

Let’s go LIVE!

Saturday 8th of May – Preselection

  • Preselection via Zoom, you need a computer, webcam and decent wifi
  • 1 minute freestyle solo each
  • DJ Cheza will be in charge of the music
  • MC Marvil on the mic
  • The jury will select 16 dancers who will battle in the finals on Sunday, results will be published on the Up North Facebook event and Instagram later same day

The registration is closed

Sunday 9th of May 13:00– Battle

    • Open Style Battle 1 vs 1
    • Eightquarter final, quarter final, semi final and final (plus extra final to decide 3rd place!)
    • 2 solos each, 1 minute/solo in each round
    • DJ Cheza will be in charge of the music
    • MC Marvil on the mic

Go to COEO and watch the finals


Bboy Foolish
Johanna Fröjd


Winner 10.000 SEK

2nd place 5000 SEK

3rd place 2500 SEK

Bonus prize! 1000 SEK

Goes to the dancer with the most creative room/environment/back drop

(Note: You will need a Swedish bank account to collect the prize money)

Up North Battle 2020 – Highlights