Norrlandsoperans Symfoniorkester spelar under föreställningen delar ur den klassiska uppsättningen av Nötknäpparen. John the Houseband har gjort cover-versioner av Tjajkovskijs musik med egna låttexter:


When you have me you’ll want more of what’s in my inner core
Strong or fragile I might be be
I’m no apple if you see
Although fruits is what we are
And we all know that to be
Free we must become a tree.
A bush with branches housing bees
Expanding abstractedly
On family’s territory
Dropping seeds of glory
For the coming generation story.

From the smallest atom to the biggest bottom
The forgotten is forgotten and the visible is rotten
I’m a tiny little creature and my feature is my inner core
When you have me you’ll want more, once I’ve fallen on the floor.
Bounce I once more, I call through a tiny door
Energy nut oil fuel our bio vessel, something special
Hazel going off like a kettle: piiiiip, take a sip and just settle
Rattle rattle rattle, drip drop drip drop drip drop

When you have me you’ll want more, of what’s in my inner core
Hazelmommy hazeldaddy hazel added to each laddy.
When you have me you’ll want more, of what’s in my inner core

Big Nut

Hey, you, look at me
Yes, you, look over here
Look, watch, behold and see:
The nut of nuts, no apology

I am the nut, the nut I am
With the best and greatest outer shell
The universe is my backyard tree
I’m the nut of nuts, no apology

I came from space, or did space come from me
And here on planet Tchaikovsky
I roll out my love, very indiscreetly
‘cause I’m the Nut of Nuts, No apology

Everybody thinks that I am great
Being tremendous, it is my fate

The Snowflake Song

One by one they fall
They live in a cloud
Watch them dance this song
The sound of their feet is loud

Softly softly now
Dreams are rare and thin
Like a flake so light
And stardust that falls within

Soft flakes falling down
Tempting us to sleep
Doze off like a tree
That hides in the woods so deep

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Is this all a dream
Is this all there is
Darkness lit up by a beam

Sugar Love

L-O-V and E can you hear me
I hear you
Who is who
I play you play me

Maybe I’m too soft too small to find
Still we are
In a melody

You are fifty we are only three
Play with me
Even though
We are small and slow

Deep and down loud sound in hidden ground
Come on up
Let’s embrace

How Strange It Is To Be

How strange it is to be
Pushed out of the range of time
Outside of the safe shell
Growing next to rose and thyme

A core so soft and small
With water and earth we bind
And reach out to the stars
We carve drawings

An essence that can sprout
And leave the old shape behind
From branches we will wait
The right moments in our minds

Time To Break

Time is but a direction
Eternal correction
Duration has me cracked
I am the transformation

Decay is not the end
It’s just another station
Dreams are here to be heard
Crack all the information

Fast and future transform
Wait for my time to break
Wait for my time to break
This is how I am made
I sleep in this bed and wait

Slow Dance To The Moon

This is the slow dance in the end
The moment when all lights go down
This is the slowdance to the moon
The moment I melt in your arms
Two dancers turning round and round
We catapult towards the stars
And we will land where we fall
We have to go on.
Eyes full of nutmilk tears
A curve lost in space, out of the atmosphere

Into the moon I fly
A long and melodic goodbye