Doris Drar

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Doris Drar


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– B-salen
– B-salen

One day, Doris had enough and decides to choose her own path. In the children´s show Doris Drar, which is based on Pija Lindenbaum´s book, the younger audience will follow Doris into her world, her life issues and choices. The music is written and composed by MONICA DOMINIQUE.

Doris Drar is a musical theatre production based on Pija Lindenbaum´s children’s book with the same name. One day Doris had enough of what she thinks is an unsympathetic and oblivious world and decides to choose his own path by venturing away. But when she returns home, it turns out that no one has even noticed she has been gone. She will have to roar – and finally she get´s a hearing for her needs … The young audience will follow the musicians and the actors in a story about Doris and her world, her life issues and choices.

For children 5-8 year.