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The purpose of Norrlandsoperan is to provide space for bolder performing arts and a braver society, and our vision is to be a place where the future is created by many and various.  

From fire station

Norrlandsoperan is an opera house with a symphony orchestra, opera, dance, music, art, as well as workshops and studios. We began our operations in 1974 as a small and bold opera ensemble, with a desire to create the performing arts of tomorrow. In 1984 we took over the former fire station in Umeå. This building was then transformed into today’s modern opera house and was completed the same year. In 2002, the complex was expanded with a new theater and concert hall, and new dressing rooms were established in the older part of the building.

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Owners and board members

NorrlandsOperan AB is 60% owned by the Region of Västerbotten and 40% by the Municipality of Umeå. We receive grants from the Swedish Arts Council.

From the Region of Västerbotten

Malin Malm (s), ordförande
Suzanne Westerlind (s)
Liv Granbom (m)
Caroline Täljeblad (v)
Lucas Nilsson (kd)


Lars Åberg (s)
Anna Laurila (s)
Håkan Jansson (m)
Andreas Johansson (v)
Peter Sedlacek (l)

From the Municipality of Umeå

Marie-Louise Rönnmark (s), vice ordförande
Ali Yasin Dahir (s)
Kjerstin Widman (m)
Peteris Timofejev (m)


Helena Smith (s)
Per Edberg (s)
Willy Brändström (m)
Anders Alfredsson (m)

Key sponsors

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