The harmonica players Jouko Kyhälä & Filip Jers


The harmonica players Jouko Kyhälä & Filip Jers


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– B-salen

Welcome to a folk music concert for all ages!

All children have probably tried a harmonica. Many have also been satisfied with it´s sound that occurs if one is sucking and blowing into the instrument. But the fact is that it´s possible to bring forth great music in this small musical instrument. Two of Scandinavia’s foremost harmonica player, one american and the other Finnish, makes a fascinating power duo.

Jouko Kyhälä is the first harmonica player ever who has taken a master’s degree at Sibeliusakademien and Filip Jers has made a similar career at the Royal Academy of Music with a master’s degree in jazz as the only one through the ages on the harmonica.