Projects and collaborations

We like to collaborate. Local partners include the Umeå Theater Association and the Ballet Academy. Regional and national partners are Norrland’s network for musical theater and dance, Music and Theater in the Inland of Lapland, and the tour network Dance Net Sweden. Below you can find more about current projects and collaborations.

kille som dansar på Up North

Up North

Up North is an initiative by Norrlandsoperan that, together with other actors, highlights street culture in Västerbotten. Up North serves as a platform for street culture in our northern region. Every May, Norrlandsoperan organizes the biggest battle in northern Sweden – the Up North Battle.

Attitudes (EU)

Within the EU project Attitudes, we take the lead in developing new hip hop productions. The project includes a series of workshops open to everyone, aligning with our vision to make dance accessible to all. Attitudes plays a crucial role in strengthening the ties between creativity and community engagement, emphasizing the importance of dance as a force for inclusion and participation.

bild över en glad publik på Up North

Aerowaves (Internationell partner)

Through the collaboration with Aerowaves, we gain access to international exchange and the opportunity to present leading European contemporary dance. This partnership reinforces our role as a key player on the international dance scene and facilitates a rich cultural exchange that enriches both artists and audiences.

People Power Partnership

People Power Partnership illustrates our commitment to bringing together the audience and the world of dance. Through a wide range of activities such as workshops, residency showings, and dance camps, we create meaningful experiences that blur the lines between stage and spectator. These initiatives offer the audience a unique chance to not only be spectators but also active participants in the art of dance.

Alva kultur

In collaboration with Alva kultur, a cultural center at the university hospital in Umeå, Norrlandsoperan strives to enrich the everyday lives of patients, relatives, and staff. This new and long-term partnership means that we provide smaller opera, music, and dance productions, not only at Norrland’s University Hospital in Umeå but also in the Skellefteå and Lycksele regional hospitals.