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Welcome to one of the world’s northernmost stages for creative expressions. We are here to challenge, engage and inspire. With a mix of tradition and provocation, we create a unique experience for our visitors.

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Ticket information

Ticket purchase

The easiest way to buy your tickets is online. This way, you can choose your own seat and pre-order food and drinks for the intermission. Our ticket office opens one hour before the show starts. In the event of canceled or rescheduled performances, tickets and pre-paid menus will be refunded within a month. Refunds are automatic for online purchases, and for purchases at the ticket office, a personal visit is required. Read more about the terms and conditions for ticket purchases.

Payment methods

At the ticket office, you can pay with credit cards, Swish, or Norrlandsoperan gift cards. Cash is not accepted. Online payments can be made with debit cards, Swish, invoices, or gift cards.


If you are unable to purchase tickets online, we can help you get through with your booking. Contact Customer Service for assistance.


You may have the option to change the date of your ticket if the show is performed on multiple occasions, depending on availability. The exchange is made online on your ticket page, with a fee of 30 SEK per ticket. The exchange must be made at least three days before the performance.

Our venues

Stora scenen

This is our largest stage, accommodating 470 people. There are entrances on both floor 1 and floor 2 in the foyer. There is also a balcony with 30 seats. The seats are numbered.


Step into the concert hall and experience the room’s acoustics. It has 509 seats, 62 of which are on the balcony. Entrances are on floor 1 and floor 2 in the foyer. The seats are numbered.

Black Box

Go straight ahead in the foyer, up the small staircase, and then left into the far foyer to find the Black Box. Here, we change both the stage and hall size depending on the nature of the event. The Black Box has 220 unnumbered seats.


You’ll find Studioscenen next to the Black Box. Go straight ahead in the foyer, up the small staircase, and then left into the far foyer. Studioscenen has between 50-60 unnumbered seats. Here, we change the seating arrangement depending on the nature of the event. If necessary, the floor space is also used with seating cushions, up to a maximum of 30.

Vita kuben

Our public space for contemporary art is located in the upper foyer (elevator available) and offers free admission.

A tasty intermission

By pre-ordering, you avoid queues and secure a reserved table in the foyer, where your order is served during the interval. You’ll find your table number on signs in the foyer. Orders can be made when buying your ticket, or later through My Pages up to 24 hours before the performance. In connection with most of our performances, the bistro is also open for service, offering a selection of delicacies from Gotthard’s Krog, Kajen, and Kulturbageriet – flavorful sandwiches, pastries, and beverages like coffee, soda, wine, sparkling wine, and beer. See the specific event for current opening hours.

See the menu

Don’t miss

Free manned wardrobe

It’s always free to check your outerwear in our manned wardrobe, available on both floors. There’s usually a shorter queue for the wardrobe on floor 2.

Photography and filming ban

Remember that due to copyright, it’s prohibited to photograph and film during our performances and concerts.

Introduction before the performance

Introductions to our performances are usually held 30 minutes before the start. Perfect for those who want information and fun facts about what you’re going to see.


We offer digital programs for performances, which you can find on the respective event page. In the foyer before the performance, there are also signs with QR codes that lead to the program.


Assistance with seating

If you have special needs regarding your seat in the hall, you’ll get the best assistance by contacting us via phone, email or on site. This can range from needing a hearing loop or wheelchair space to extra legroom or an easily accessible seat.

Care assistants

Visitors in need of a care assistant can bring one at no extra cost. Kompiskortet is accepted at Norrlandsoperan. These tickets are booked via

Hearing loop

Stora scenen, permanent hearing loop available on parquet rows 1-16.
Konsertsalen, permanent hearing loop available on row 1, rows 7-13, and row 15.
Black Box has a hearing loop throughout the hall. Receivers can be picked up at Biljetter & Besök.

For more information, contact our ticket office.

Wheelchair spaces

If you need wheelchair spaces, you’ll find 4 in Stora scenen, 6 in the Konsertsalen, and 2 in the Black Box. You can read about which these are among our FAQs.

Disabled parking

There are three parking spaces for the disabled at Operaplan, close to the main entrance.


Wheelchair spaces in the halls, bistro, and bar are accessible from the ground floor. The entrance to the foyer and ticket office has a door opener. There is an elevator to the Vita Boxen 


We strive to create a positive experience for all visitors. Please consider that some individuals may be particularly sensitive to strong scents. Leaving the perfume at home helps create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for your understanding!


A wheelchair-accessible toilet with a changing table is located on the ground floor in the public foyer, opposite the entrance to the women’s toilet. A total of 9 toilets are available on the ground floor and an additional 8 on the upper foyer.

Opening hours

The ticket office is open on non-holiday weekdays, Tuesday – Friday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Tel: 090-15 43 00.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Stora Scenen: 4 seats in total.

  • Two seats on the left parquet rows 6-7, with the possibility of extra seats for care assistants.
  • Two seats on the right parquet rows 6–7, with the possibility of extra seats for care assistants.

Konsertsalen: 6 seats in total.

  • Six seats on the parquet, row 16, with the possibility of extra seats for care assistants.

Black Box: 2 seats in total.

  • One seat on the right parquet, rows 5-6, with the possibility of an extra seat for a care assistant.
  • One seat on the left parquet, rows 5-6, with the possibility of an extra seat for a care assistant.

There are no dress codes at Norrlandsoperan. Some visitors come in casual clothes, others choose to dress up.

No, you don’t need to be acquainted, but it can be fun and sometimes helpful to have some prior information. Read more about the performances on the performance pages and feel free to attend the introduction that is usually held half an hour before the start.

Your experience is yours alone. What you bring into the hall always depends on what you have experienced and what you know beforehand. Sometimes it’s good to have knowledge about what you’re going to see, other times the knowledge gets in the way of the experience. You’re the best judge of that.

Our introductions are usually held by someone who knows a lot about the performance. The purpose is to provide some keys to the work so that you as a visitor can have an even richer experience.

Yes, we prefer that outerwear is left outside the hall – for everyone’s comfort. The wardrobe is free of charge and manned.

A bell rings three times. The third time you hear the signal, it’s high time to go in.

Most of our performances do not allow late entry, meaning you cannot enter once the doors have closed. This is to avoid disturbing both the audience and those on stage. In some cases, it’s possible to sneak in a bit later during the performance. Our ushers will know what’s applicable for each occasion.