Conditions of purchase

Terms and conditions for ticket purchases. Below you can read about what applies when buying a ticket to one of our performances or concerts, as well as what personal data we save, why we save it and how long we save the data.

1. Introduction 

These general conditions apply to ticket purchases at Norrlandsoperan’s ticket office and to purchases via our e-commerce platform, which is made available via

You can find our contact details at the bottom of this document.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and/or otherwise authorized to enter into a ticket purchase agreement, and that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and associated personal data processing.

2. Purchase of tickets at the ticket office

When you buy tickets at the Norrlandsoperan ticket office, we will ask you to provide some personal information in order to contact you regarding your visit. We will also ask you if you want to receive our newsletter from Norrlandsoperan.

If you agree to receive our newsletter, you can always unsubscribe by clicking on a link in the email.

By providing your personal data, you accept this processing of personal data.

Special ticket types

When purchasing special ticket types such as wheelchair space or audio description where we need to provide a service or special seating in connection with your visit, we will process the data in order to fulfill the agreement to provide a service or special seating in the salon.

We will only be able to link the ticket type to you as a person if you choose to provide us with your contact details in connection with the ticket purchase.

3. Buying tickets online (e-commerce platform)

When you buy tickets via Norrlandsoperan’s e-commerce platform, fill in your details and click in the box where it says “I approve Norrlandsoperan’s personal data policy and general terms and conditions for ticket purchases”, you also give your consent to Norrlandsoperan handling your personal data in accordance with our personal data policy, which means, among other things, that Norrlandsoperan can contact you with information about your upcoming visit and with news and direct marketing. You can read our personal data policy on our website. The user is responsible for ensuring that his or her user ID and password for the user account are stored in a secure manner, and that no unauthorized person can access the information. For their part, users have the right to terminate their user account at any time by sending us written notice to the email address given at the bottom of this document.

4. Exchanges, refunds & event cancellations

For you as a consumer, the following applies:

A booking can be canceled until payment has been made.

The Distance Contracts Act’s rules on the right of withdrawal do not apply to the purchase of event tickets. Once payment has been made, you as a customer are therefore bound by your purchase, unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions or pursuant to applicable law.

Purchased tickets cannot be repurchased, unless the performance/concert is canceled. In such cases, for tickets purchased at the box office, the customer must notify their claim for a refund to the company from which the ticket was purchased no later than one (1) month from the date of the event/the date on which the event should have taken place. If this is not done, the customer is not entitled to a refund. Tickets paid for online are automatically refunded.

However, a purchased ticket can be exchanged for another concert or other performance of the production for which the ticket is valid. Exchanges are subject to availability no later than three working days before the concert/performance date. A cost of 30 SEK per booking will be added. Exchange rights do not apply to group tickets. Special rules apply to subscriptions.

Lost tickets cannot be replaced if the ticket is not linked to a customer account. When buying tickets online, you can print/download a new ticket yourself. In the event of a canceled or relocated event, Norrlandsoperan will contact all customers who have provided an email address by email. The tickets are not personal, so a consumer who will not use a purchased ticket has the right to resell it. Please note that Norrlandsoperan is not responsible for tickets purchased from persons or organizations other than Norrlandsoperan.

There may be other or additional laws and regulations that apply to purchases made by consumers. For more information about your rights as a consumer, we refer you to the Swedish Consumer Agency or the European Consumer Agency where you can get further information, see e.g. the Swedish Consumer Agency’s website.

5. Your payments

Payment of tickets is made through a third party payment service provider, a so-called payment service provider. Your use of its payment service and the personal data you provide in connection with your payments through the payment service is governed by the payment service provider’s personal data policy and general terms and conditions.

For questions related to your payment, we refer you in the first instance to the payment service provider, Nets Sweden AB, corporate identity number 556761-4960.

6. User responsibility

You are responsible for your use of the E-commerce Platform and that such use complies with applicable law and these Terms and Conditions. You understand and accept that the e-commerce platform is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any express or implied warranties of any kind. You use the e-commerce platform at your own risk.

7. Changes to the terms and conditions

We reserve the right to change the e-commerce platform and these terms and conditions at any time. Before we make any changes, we will provide you with information about:

1. The changes; and

2. The date on which these changes will take effect.

For material changes, we will seek your explicit consent.

If you do not wish to accept the changes, you have the right to terminate your user account before the changes take effect.

8. Applicable law

Swedish law applies to these terms and conditions.

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