gröna fält och träd

For organizers

Offering music, opera, and dance for the entire Västerbotten is a central part of Norrlandsoperan’s mission. We especially focus on ensuring children and youths get to experience and engage in culture – wherever they are in the region. Here is compiled information for you as an organizer in Västerbotten.

Organize a show

All productions are subsidized and coordinated by Norrlandsoperan. The production comes complete with staff and technology. We also offer marketing materials. The organizer is responsible for hosting and invitations.

Our range always maintains high quality. The selection is made through experience, monitoring the field and in dialogue with organizers.

School performances

A large part of Norrlandsoperan’s activities are directed at children and youths in preschool, primary school and secondary school, as well as music and culture schools.

Order school performance

Here we present current music and dance performances offered for children and young people in Västerbotten. If you work with culture for children & youths in schools, you are welcome to order or contact us with questions.


Music producer
Markus Falck
Kontakta via e-post
070 343 43 82

Dance consultant i Västerbotten
Maria Schäfer
Kontakta via e-post
070-399 24 55

Porträtt av Lisa Miskovsky på en klippa vid havet

Organize a performance in your municipality

If you have an idea about creating a music event in your hometown, get in touch with us.

If you are already an organizer of public performances in your municipality, you are of course also warmly welcome to contact us with questions.


Music producer
Andreas Nilsson

Marketing material

Here you can find materials to use when you as an organizer want to promote any of Norrlandsoperan’s productions.

Eric Bibb

Eric Bibb is one of the biggest names in the international blues world today, constantly touring the globe. Now he is finally coming back to Västerbotten!