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Porträtt av Lisa Miskovsky på en klippa vid havet

“The performance will be about places, loss and relationships. From my first sauna with them to my last memory sauna. It will be a journey in between and it’s great to tell that story.”

Lisa Miskovsky

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Eljest – a warm musical story of growing up and origins

In her concert performance ‘Eljest’, Lisa takes the audience to a glade in her part of the world. Nature has always been important to Lisa, who has drawn much strength from the northern soil. As in her Summer Talk, Lisa wants to share life, travel and everything around her career. Here she describes the feeling of being the odd bird – a bit of a misfit – with two different cultures from other countries behind her. The role-playing geek who both played sports and music, but who was always a little outside the group. It will be a close and warm evening in a Västerbotten storytelling spirit, with music as the hub.

Platinum-selling Lisa Miskovsky is one of music Sweden’s most established artists and songwriters. She has sold over 200,000 albums, won two Grammies, received five Rock Bears and, in addition to her own artistry, has had great success as a songwriter for others and been part of tons of collaborations in all possible and impossible contexts.

For example, Lisa is the songwriter of the Backstreet Boys’ world hit “Shape of My Heart” and has created music with big names such as Max Martin, Rami Yacoub and Joakim Berg to name a few. Lisa also wrote the theme song ‘Still Alive’ for the Mirrors Edge video game soundtrack.

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