Norrlandsoperan’s logo

Important when using Norrlandsoperan’s logo:

Norrlandsoperan’s logo may not be used as the sender in material other than what Norrlandsoperan itself has produced. If the sender is someone other than Norrlandsoperan, this must be made clear.

  • Norrlandsoperan’s logo must not be modified in any way. This includes skewing, fading, shadowing, or other effects. It must not be rotated, angled, or mirrored. It is also not allowed to add a payoff, byline, or slogan. Never change the logo’s original design. If you change the size of the logo, you must ensure that it always retains its original proportions.
  • The logo must never be used in a text or as part of a headline.
  • Never place a frame around the logo.
  • Never place the logo at an angle.

A prerequisite for using Norrlandsoperan’s logo is that the Marketing Ethical Council’s basic rules for advertising and marketing communication are followed.

To appear clearly and consistently on printed materials, the logo must always have a clean surrounding area, a free space where no disturbing elements such as texts or symbols may appear.

The logo

Right-click on one of the logos and choose “save image as”.

The logo is always placed centered and at the bottom in its context.