Save up to 40%, get the best seats in the house, and priority access to the year’s biggest performances. 

Our subscriptions 2024/2025

Opera subscription

4 events

Subscription: 1420 kr 

Value: 1900 kr

You save: 480 kr

Italienskan i Alger

Tuesday 8 October 19.00

Virginia Wolf

Tuesday 15 October 19.00


Saturday 19 March 19.00

La Bohème

Friday 16 May 19.00

Music subscription

12 events

Subscription: 3150 kr

Value: 4 200 kr

You save: 1 050 kr


Thursday 29 August 19.00

Mozart och Stravinskij

Thursday 12 September 19.00

Beethoven och Wennäkoski

Thursday 17 October 19.00

Katarina Barruk möter Norrlandsoperans symfoniorkester

Thursday 21 November 19.00

Philip Glass och Tjajkovskij

Thursday 16 January 19.00

Brahms och Bacewicz

Thursday 30 January 19.00

Det självspelande pianot och Daniel Nelson

Thursday 6 February 19.00

Schubert, Berio och Beethoven

Thursday 20 March 19.00

Svenska vyer – Hillborg och Laurin

Thursday 3 April 19.00

Stenhammar och Maria W Horn

Friday 25 April 19.00

Dance subscription

4 events

Subscription: 820 kr 

Value: 1100 kr

You save: 280 kr

Incus – Anna Öberg

Friday 27 September 19.00

Shoegaze – Norrdans

Saturday 19 October 19.00


Wednesday 6 November 19.00

Impulso – Rocío Molina och Sabíl

Saturday23 November 19.00


Exchange rights

If you can’t make it, exchange your tickets within the same category, without any extra charge.


Your subscription automatically renews with priority access to the best experiences.

Choose your seat

Select your seat in the house to watch the season’s highlights.

Pass it on

The tickets in your subscription are not tied to you. You can easily gift an experience to friends or family.

Pay at your own pace

Subscriptions are paid per season, and you have the option to split the payment if that suits you better.

In case of illness

Cancel your ticket due to illness up until 12:00 PM on the same day, and receive a gift card valid for two years as compensation.

Apply for a subscription

Apply for a subscription at Norrlandsoperan through the form. We will contact you personally when it’s time for you to reserve your seat in the house.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

A subscription means you regularly subscribe to discounted tickets within one of the art forms: dance, concert, or opera. You can also subscribe to two of them or all three.

As a subscriber, you always get at least a 25% discount on regular ticket prices – the more subscriptions, the higher the discount – up to 40%. Subscriptions are paid per season.

The payment can be split when paying online via the external payment service PayEx, where you choose how you want to split the payment when you activate the credit.

Other fees and credit terms for you as an account holder:

  • The account holder pays a current 29 SEK invoice fee, as well as an interest on the credit with the applicable reference rate +17.45% per year, but not less than 18% per annum.
  • The account holder can choose whether to receive invoices by email or post, and can adjust their installment plan and always choose to pay back the entire credit amount at once.
  • The account holder can log in with BankID to review their credit and change the delivery method of invoices, etc.

You can essentially reserve your favorite seat and keep it all year. When you order your subscription, you can request the same seat, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. We will contact you to confirm your seat, and if you like it, we’ll do everything we can for you to keep it as long as you want. Each new season, you’ll have the opportunity to change your seat if you prefer.

One of our venues, Black Box, is always unnumbered. See our seating in the venues here.

We primarily contact you via email. Sometimes we even call.

For as long as you want, you pay for one season at a time. We automatically renew your subscription season by season. 

You don’t have to worry about it, we handle it for you. As the season comes to an end, we’ll notify you well in advance by email or phone, and you can then choose to continue for another season, buy more subscriptions – or cancel. It’s up to you.

Tickets within your subscription are not personal; you can give away one or more of the experiences to anyone you want. If you get sick at short notice, you can receive a gift card equal to the value of your ticket. We need your cancellation due to illness by 12:00 PM on the day of the performance to fulfill this benefit.

That’s determined in advance by the respective department. What you can be sure of is that you won’t miss any of the season’s absolute highlights.

A subscription for concert and opera lasts for 1 year at a time, fall and spring. For dance, it lasts for half a year at a time. You can become a subscriber at any time during a season. We adjust the price based on how many performances are left within the art form you wish to subscribe to.

Should a concert or performance within your subscription need to be canceled, you’ll get your money back. (That goes for everyone).


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