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Bus grant

Bus grants make it easier for culture enthusiasts within Västernorrland, Jämtland, Västerbotten, and Norrbotten counties to experience opera and dance at Norrlandsoperan.

Norrland’s network for musical theater and dance

NMD, Norrland’s network for musical theater and dance, is a collaboration for cultural diversity in Norrland. The network’s main task is to give people in northern Sweden increased opportunities to experience performing arts, regardless of their place of residence.

Application for a bus grant

Are you interested in organizing a public bus to one of Norrlandsoperan’s opera performances? Contact us directly after securing tickets/seats for the desired performance. You can easily submit your application via the contact form below. Information for bus grants for dance performances can be found further down the page.

Conditions for the grant

Geographical area

The grant is intended for transport involving locations within Västernorrland, Jämtland, Västerbotten, and Norrbotten counties.


The primary purpose of the trip is to transport people to a performance at Norrlandsoperan in Umeå. The grant does not cover costs for overnight stays, meals, or other compensation for travelers and transporters. It focuses solely on transportation costs.

Requirements for grant payment

The grant is paid out after the trip has been completed, based on a detailed accounting that includes the date, start and end locations, round-trip distance, name of the performance, number of travelers, and a copy of the invoice. This ensures that only actual and verifiable expenses are reimbursed.

The limited total amount and distribution of the grant

The total sum of available grants is limited, and grants are awarded on a “first-come, first-served” basis. This means it’s important to apply for the grant as early as possible to increase the chance of receiving part of the available funds.

For opera

Here you can see an overview of the amounts you can apply for, depending on the distance in miles to Norrlandsoperan:

Up to 10 miles: 2 600 SEK

11 to 20 miles: 4 100 SEK

21 to 30 miles: 5 400 SEK

31 to 40 miles: 7 000 SEK

Over 41 miles: 8 900 SEK

For opera

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For dance

Groups, associations, schools, and organizers outside Umeå municipality can apply for a grant to rent a shared bus and participate in the dance offerings at Norrlandsoperan. A bus can be booked through a bus company or – if you are not that many – book a minibus that you drive yourselves. In some cases, we can also reimburse bus tickets for a smaller group wishing to come. When renting a bus, Norrlandsoperan’s dance department finances all or part of the bus rental depending on the number of applications received. The application is made before booking tickets and the bus.

Contact Linda Wiklund, producer of the dance department for all information and application: linda.wiklund@norrlandsoperan.se, tel 070 562 49 80.

For dance

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