Welcome to Koreoteket – a meeting between choreography, literature, and people.

nära porträttbild på Koreografen Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén

In September 2023, a unique residency project started at the libraries in Åsele and Vännäs. Choreographer Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén explores the library’s artistic dance opportunities together with librarians, borrowers, and other curious individuals. The initiative is supported by the Regional Library of Västerbotten and Dance in Västerbotten, in close cooperation with the local libraries.

– It feels exciting and fun to visit two libraries in the county and see what I as a choreographer can create there. I’m looking forward to the collaboration with the libraries and am curious about how I can meet the staff and visitors and hopefully spark new thoughts together. I’ve always enjoyed libraries, and this offers a new way for me to approach these environments, says choreographer Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén.

After many years in Stockholm, she has recently returned to Västerbotten, where she now explores new paths for her artistic creation. She has just settled in Umeå and has a second base in Idvattnet, Vilhelmina Municipality.

– Through this project, we want to explore how a collaboration between libraries and a choreographer can create new ways of working and meeting, says Christer Edeholt, library developer at the Regional Library of Västerbotten.

He collaborates with Maria Jonsson, dance consultant at Dance in Västerbotten, who is also excited about the residency.

What Koreoteket means in practice will be revealed once the work has started, she explains. The point of an artist residency of this type is to give the choreographer the opportunity to develop new ideas in interaction with the environment.

– We hope that the libraries and the local residents can get an artistic boost from having a choreographer present, while she is inspired by being there. Who knows what will emerge when literature and choreography meet in the inland of Västerbotten!

Facts about Koreoteket

A choreographic residency that begins in Åsele in September and then continues in Vännäs. A collaboration between the Regional Library of Västerbotten, Dance in Västerbotten, the local libraries, and choreographer Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén.


Maria Schäfer, dance consultant at Dans i Västerbotten

070-399 24 55

Christer Edeholt, library developer at Regionbiblioteket in Västerbotten

070-593 83 47

About Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén, choreographer

A strong trust in the craft and the audience is a prerequisite for Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén’s choreographic work. Interested in the existential potential of movements and with a steady stream of ideas, she allows the intuitive collaboration with the dancers to lead the way forward.

With her clear themes and charismatic characters, she established herself early as a leading voice in contemporary dance art. As inclusive as she is challenging, as funny as she is serious. Always and still with a queer feminist standpoint.

In recent years, she has more frequently moved in a Västerbotten context, where she has delved into the archives for her historical portrayals of both loggers’ lives and lesbian love. With the same uncompromising curiosity, Hagar Malin continues to explore the possibilities of choreography in new contexts and situations.