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Dance for children and youths

Within Dans i Västerbotten, there’s a special focus on activities that engage children and youths. Distribution and subsidy of school performances are part of this effort. Dance performances for children and youths are presented in Norrlandsoperan’s lineup for the entire county every year. Dance camps and workshops are organized in cooperation with study associations, culture schools, youth centers, and other organizations. The dance consultant activity aims to promote, develop, and support dance in the county.

For children and youths

Dans i Västerbotten presents, subsidizes, and distributes dance performances for children and youths. The distribution of performances is done in cooperation with the Regional Program Council for Dance and Music for Children and youths. The council includes representatives from six municipalities in the county who work together with the long-term goal of having all municipalities in the county present dance to young audiences in the future.

The development of the young dance audience in Västerbotten occurs through performances, related activities, dance workshops, and educational materials for teachers and school leaders in connection with school tours. It should be easy to arrange through Dans i Västerbotten, which delivers a completely ready performance, including transportation, travel and accommodation for the participants and marketing.

Dance performances distributed through Dans i Västerbotten should be able to be arranged as both public performances and school performances. The selection includes three to four productions per calendar year for audiences aged 0–19 years.

Here you will find Dans i Västerbotten’s tour selection for the current period. See the selection for the current period.

Skapande skola


Every year, Dans i Västerbotten arranges workshops for children and youths to enable inspiring encounters with dancers, choreographers, and dance educators from around the world. The workshops arranged by Dans i Västerbotten are often in collaboration with Norrlandsoperan’s dance department, which is visited by dancers and choreographers of various backgrounds.

Stay updated on upcoming workshops through the calendar here on the website.

Project grants for educational activity

Do you want to arrange a workshop or another educational activity for children, youths or adults within Västerbotten County? Then you can apply for a project grant of up to 5 000 SEK.

Feel free to suggest if you have an idea that you want to implement in your area!

Application for funding, Dans i Västerbotten

Would you like to organize a workshop or other educational activity for children and youth or professionals within Dance in Västerbotten?

Then you can apply for a project grant of up to 5000 SEK.

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