Up North Battle 2024

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Save the date for the Up North Battle 2024 – Join us 4-5th of May!

To our esteemed audience, get ready to witness the electrifying energy of Up North Battle as dancers ignite the stage with their talent and passion. Welcome to an unforgettable spectacle of rhythm, creativity, and pure excitement!
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Titel: Up North Battle 2024


Fri entré

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Pics from Up North Battle 2024

Up North Battle, the biggest battle in the North of Sweden, is a warm and friendly event that includes and welcomes everyone. A two-day event with BATTLES,PERFORMANCES, WORKSHOPS and JAMS. We invite all street styles to compete in our battle – come as you are and bring your best moves! Corky style, new style or forgotten style. It doesn´t matter. Everything goes as long as you enjoy and have fun!

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Battle categories:

  • Open Style Pro – 1 vs 1
  • Open Style Rookie – 1 vs 1
  • Showcase Competition – crew
  • Breaking Rookie – 1 vs 1
  • Breaking Pro – 2 vs 2 (All vs all)

Need a place to stay?

We offer accommodation for competing dancers, first come first served! Sign up via the registration.

What is Showcase Competition?

Showcase Competition is the perfect opportunity for you and your crew to compete with your own choreography. You choose your own moves with your own choice of music. Minimum 2 crew members, maximum 5 minute long routine. The jury will judge choreography, musicality, technique, composition and overall charisma. Let the best crew win! (For more information check the registration.

How does an Open Style Battle work?

Just like the title says all styles are welcomed! You battle with your strongest style/styles but might end up facing someone with a completely different style. The DJ can either play the music that suits you or challenges you. All in all, it is a recipe for a fun and diverse battle where anything could happen!
The Open Style Battle is divided into two categories, ROOKIE and PRO. ROOKIE is a great choice if you are new to the battle scene, it could even be your first time! If you are experienced on the battle floor then PRO is the way to go.
The battle will start with a preselection. Each dancer gets 1 minute to present themselves for the judges. The judges selects the best dancers from each category to go on to the next round. The number of dancers who gets picked depends on the number of dancers competing in the preselection. Dancers will then meet 1 vs 1 with 2 solos each in quarter finals, semifinals and finals until we have one winner!

Breaking Rookie 1 vs 1

Calling all up-and-coming breakers! This battle is your chance to shine and throw down with fellow newcomers to the breaking community. It’s not just about pulling off the most impressive power moves (although those definitely help!), it’s about bringing your own flavor, your own style, and your own story to the floor. The judges? They’re not just looking for technical skill (though that’s important too), they want to see your passion, your creativity, and how you vibe with the music. But here’s the thing: win or lose, this battle is about growth, about pushing yourself to new limits, and sharing the dance floor with a community of dancers who’ve got your back.

Breaking Pro 2 vs 2 (All vs all)

Time to team up with your best partner in crime! In this category seasoned breakers will team up in crews of 2 where each dancer gets 2 solos per round. However, there is a twist, this is an “All vs all” battle, so instead of crews being voted off after each round we will keep going until each crew has battled against everyone. Judges will score your routines after each round until the crews with the highest and next highest score will meet in the finale!